WST Certification&Testing Group

Is an authoritative third-party certification testing organizations, institutions and since its inception has been committed to the industrial and consumer product testing, inspection and certification services, obtained several national and international authority approval and authorization, and to get good marks in the industry as well as a wide range of praise. To coincide with the requirement of China's accession to the world trade and import and export commodity inspection, WST product testing and certification center in guangdong, China - the inspection detection (shenzhen) co., LTD., guangzhou inspection detection co., LTD., the inspection certification testing Hong Kong co., LTD.; Wholeheartedly for the region and around the world manufacturing industry to provide a full range of professional certification services. The completion of product testing center, marks the WST professional services will be further extended to all over China. With the enlargement of the company and the strength increasing, the product has been testing services project covers the lamps and lanterns, IT, audio and video AV, mechanical and electronic information technology (machinery), household appliances, toys, medical equipment, building products, personal protective equipment, light industrial products, such as fire control products category. We will with the most excellent professional team and the most advanced testing equipment, for customers to protect provide fast, comprehensive, reliable, high-quality service.

The inspection has since established logarithm products has carried on the related standard testing certification. Now has a strong professional technical experts, our engineers with many years of professional knowledge and rich experience for Chinese enterprises to open the national market to work hard.

The test laboratory for UL2716, in strict accordance with the ISO/IEC17025, GUIDE25 and EN45001 international laboratory management organization established by the third party testing laboratory. Have professional spirit and the most excellent equipment and test environment, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and Safety (Safety), RED, chemical, environmental reliability, pv, energy efficiency and energy saving, battery, and calibration measurement detection ability, for the overwhelming majority of manufacturers professional provide CE certification, RoHS certification, VDE certification, GS certification, TUV certification, E - MARK certification, REACH, PAHS, FCC certification, FDA certification, UL certification, energy star, California 65, ASTM certification, ETL certification, CSA certification, IC certification, PSE certification, certification of VCCI, TELEC certification, KC certification, BSMI certification, NCC certification, certification of RCM, C - TICK certification, certification of A - TICK, SAA certification, certification of GEMS, EAC certification, SASO certification, certification of SABER, GCC certification, certification of TIR, SONCAP, BIS certification, CB certification, CCC certification, CQC certification, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification, TS16949, net, approval, thayer certification such as project allied certification application, standard advice, testing, technical support, corrective measures, certification and so on the omni-directional "one-stop" work style service. To assist manufacturers in the most of cost savings, in the shortest possible time to provide you with scientific, accurate, precise and efficient detection certification service, make your product through layer upon layer toll-gate, quickly enter the international market.

Our service

Quick - from your product to our lab will be a continuous process, in the shortest possible time to complete all the testing project; Our engineering and technical personnel familiar with the standard can provide you products with modified scheme, greatly save your time. We provide on-site testing services at the same time, according to your schedule to arrange work time; Professionals for the certification process, the exercise standard, the height of the familiar, can rapidly according to the characteristics of the customer to choose the best program, and matches by the lab and efficient operation, as the customer to win the precious time, a larger market. And customer special request to make a special express service.

Comprehensive - the development of enterprises must give priority to with service, must take the customer as the center, to provide customers with timely and satisfactory, enthusiastic service, maximum to meet customer demand; Since you need to start testing certification, we are at your side, to provide you with one-stop services, solve your product in the design of all the technical problems in the process of export, and you together to cope with the international technical barriers.

Confidentiality - we follow the business confidential agreement, the customer's business secrets strictly, whether technical data, product performance, test report. You can get more time, keep more advantage to participate in market competition.