Chemical testing

WST chemical laboratory has the industry leading test equipment and a group of excellent professional engineers, both at home and abroad to provide comprehensive one-stop inspection, identification, testing and certification services, service customers cover a wide range to electronic electrical, toys, textiles, footwear and retail industries. WST chemistry laboratory in strict accordance with the certification committee of China conformity assessment CNAS (ISO/IEC 17025) quality system management of laboratory, we in an objective, justice, independence, authority for the purpose, with a productive service and competitiveness constantly advancing technology and service innovation, to provide more healthy, more perfect service, to help Chinese enterprises to avoid risk in international trade, across the barriers to trade, get the pass of the international market, to the world.
Related test items and instructions
1. ROHS directive: 2011/65 / EU
2. WEEE directive: 2012/19 / EU
3. Battery directive: 2013/56 / EU
4. The eu toy testing:
Is directly related to the toy's instruction
The eu toy safety directive (88/378 / EEC)
Eu phthalate plasticizers directive (2005/84 / EC)
Toy indirectly related instructions
The electromagnetic compatibility EMC directive (2014/30 / EU)
The radio and telecommunications terminal equipment directive (2014/53 / EU)
The battery and battery directive (2013/56 / EU)
The European Union banned harmful azo dye directive (2002/61 / EC)
The eu banned azo dye blue directive (2003/03 / EC)
5. The eu toy testing standards: EN71
6. The eu electric toy safety standards for testing: EN62115
7. CPSIA - propulsion of product safety act
8. ASTM F963
9. POHS - Norway "disable certain hazardous substances in consumer products"
11. Phthalates: 2005/84 / EC
12. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: 2005/69 / EC
13. Dimethyl fumarate: 2009/51 / EC