Mission: to help enterprise products are sold to the global market quickly.

Vision: to create a private testing industry well-known brands.

The beauty of life values: action and responsibility achievement.
Loyalty to the enterprise responsibility, for the customer in the field of inspection, identification, testing and certification to provide authoritative final solution, passing on social responsibility, committed to human and natural harmony
To turn the achievements of nobility, a better life.

Management idea:
Integrity to win more, sustainable operation.
Overall innovation to lead the future;
Respect for talent, achievement value.
Management idea:
(1), the principle: good faith, rigorous, independent, justice.
(2), service, high quality, high efficiency, low cost, complete from customer requirements to exceed customer expectations.
(3), the standard: job routing, process institutionalization, standardization system, standard of globalization.
(4), marketing: from clenched his fists to open your hands.
(5), talent, virtue, xian, of choose and employ persons to under, optimum post suitable person.
6, team: respect difference, together.
All landowners, communication: beforehand communication, more responsible.
Today, work: focus on results, rapid response, continuous improvement, strive for perfection.