Reliability testing

Product reliability and environmental test

Business covers most of environmental testing project
Can provide the light aging test according to the standard at home and abroad, temperature and humidity test, corrosion test, mechanical vibration test, mechanical shock test, impact test and drop test, dust-proof waterproof test and packing pressure test environment and reliability test, covering the climate environment test, mechanical test and comprehensive environmental test environment of most of the project, can satisfy the requirement of the military and civilian standard test. Laboratory with large walk-in environmental test chamber, the maximum volume of 45 m3, for large sample test for temperature and humidity; Form a complete set with advanced performance test instrument and analytical instruments, can be more comprehensive to test the product and material of electricity, and apparent performance tests, can satisfy the customer's a lot of special test requirements.

Climate environment test
No. Pilot projects
1, high temperature test
2 low temperature test
3 temperature cycle
4 temperature shock
5 rapid temperature change
Temperature and humidity cycle 6
7 a high and low temperature depression
8 xenon lamp light aging test
9 carbon arc light aging test
10 ultraviolet aging test
11 mixed gas corrosion test
12 salt fog corrosion
13 dust test
14 in the rain test

Mechanical environment test
No. Pilot projects
1 random vibration
2 sine vibration
3 the collision
4 drop
5 mechanical shock

The comprehensive environmental test
No. Pilot projects
1 three integrated temperature, humidity and vibration
2 three integrated temperature, humidity and depression

Highly accelerated life test
No. Pilot projects
1 high accelerated life test
2 high accelerated stress screening test

The packing and shipping test
No. Pilot projects
1 clamping test
2 the packing pressure
3 stacking vibration
4 incline impact
5 fall
6 tilting test
Other test
No. Pilot projects
1 life test
2 slices analysis
3 dyeing pulling
Scanning electron microscope, energy spectrometer
5 acoustic microscope
6 X ray analysis
7 chemical reagents
8 paint coating adhesion
9 coatings thickness
Ten other
Applicable standards
Can satisfy the GJB, GB, IEC, ISO, EN, GB/T and MIL - STD, SAE, ASTM, ISTA procedure, JIS, IPC, JEDEC, GM, NISSAN, etc all kinds of international and domestic environment and the requirements of reliability test standard. Can quickly find the product for the customer defects, and analyze defects reasons, to help customers improve product quality.