Safety inspection

Low voltage directive (LowVoltagepirective, 73/23 / EEC) formulated in 1973, for the new plan before (NewApproach) instruction for 20 years, and is regarded as the predecessor of the new scheme concept.

The goal of LVD to ensure the safety of the low voltage equipment in use. Low voltage equipment is defined as the rated voltage of between 50 and 1000 v alternating current, direct current (dc) between 75 to 1500 volt electrical equipment. Broadly speaking, low voltage equipments include consumer products and design for the voltage within the scope of the operation of the equipment. Include home appliances, hand tools, lighting equipment, wires, cables and pipelines, and wiring equipment. This instruction contains all the equipment safety rules, including protection due to mechanical causes of danger.

LVD specify the eu member states must take the appropriate method, ensure that sales of electrical equipment in the domestic market does not endanger the safety of the people, also won't endanger domestic animals or property. So must do:

The equipment must be in accordance with the safety rules, in a good way to carry on the design

The equipment must be properly installed and maintained

The equipment must be in accordance with the design purposes

If the device conforms to all member states approved specific safety regulations, which conform to the terms and conditions. In does not affect the other form, can be reference by good design way of collaborative standards, to prove its compliance. LVD make the time earlier than the CE authentication marks set up time. CE mark is the draw up the new plan by the European Union directive in recent years. Modified the LVD directive 93/68 / EEC to meet today's requirements.

According to directive 93/68 / EEC, manufacturers or authorized representative within the eu to formulate a conformity declaration, attached the CE mark on product, marking the LVD and related regulations are met.

By the market, manufacturers must keep the technical documentation for 10 years, for relevant units to test.

The content of the conformity declaration

"Conformity declaration" general content can be in the command appendix 3 (B) check. Detailed speaking, the declaration must be included:

The name of the manufacturer or authorized representative within the eu and the address

Electrical equipment that

Collaborative reference standard

When necessary, must include the manufacturer or its authorized within the European Union on behalf of the declaration of conformity, according to the detailed reference file

Authorized signer's identity

Products (first) obtain CE marking the end of the year two yuan

Conformity declaration must be written in at least one European Union official language.

The content of the technical documentation

Technical documentation must contain electrical equipment design, manufacture and operation details, such as to evaluate this electrical equipment is in accordance with the instructions.

Therefore, file must include:

Products for general instructions

Design and manufacturing, and element, element, such as the circuit diagram.

Explanation of the drawings and illustrations, and instructions on the operation of electrical equipment files

List of all or part of the use of standard, as well as in the standard has not been part of the solution to meet safety requirements.

Design calculation and check the results of my work

Test report (by the manufacturer or the test report submitted by the third unit)

Keep technical documentation and location of unit?

Manufacturer or its authorized representative in the eu, the final product, as of the date of manufacture must keep this file for at least 10 years, for the relevant government units to test at any time. Technical files also can electronically save, but the premise is must be easy to test. If there is no foothold manufacturers in the European Union and no authorized representative, the responsibility belongs to import vendors or the head of the eu market sales.
Now the European Union requires the latest LVD directive 2014/35 / EU.
Our company now all LVD test are conducted in test under the directive.