Quality inspection report

Quality inspection report

A quality inspection report, is safety and performance tests for the product, jingdong mall in Tmall and smoothly or other platforms such as supermarket, or a reference standard for consumer. According to the level 3 standards (national, ministerial standard and the enterprise own standard), to carry on the quality evaluation, the basic assessment, analyze the cause of quality qualified or unqualified. This is the main part of the quality inspection report.

Why want to do quality inspection report

Because each big market at present, online mall and store for the product testing and certification put forward higher request, jingdong in Tmall and is more of a series of products have to pass national standard quality, Tmall in 2015 made the change in investment qualifications, changes mainly involve ", 3 c digital home appliances, cosmetics, food, health care products, shoes, bags, service categories, electronic ticket vouchers, exercise outdoors, dress "nine investment types in qualification of new and modified. Here focuses on the adjustment of 3 c digital accessories products: test report is required to provide the following products (each brand must at least provide a quality inspection report issued by a third party authority, finished product test report must include the brand name, product name, product model and all kinds of products of all kinds of test items), necessary testing requirements are as follows:

1, the power adapter: to test project must include: labels and manual inspection (including label to wipe and content examination), the electric strength

2, lithium battery: test project must include: discharge performance, free fall, overcharge protection, short circuit test

3, mobile power supply: to test project must include: tag and check, drop test, the discharge performance of the power adapter, mobile power detection based on GB4943, lithium battery detection based on GB18287;

Why do the quality inspection report for the inspection

1. The inspection is the earliest engaged in the domestic quality inspection, testing, engineering quality inspection of national standard certification company cooperation laboratory (with authority).

2. The inspection has a gb standard research and development department, every day in time for electronic appliances, hardware sanitary ware, building materials, machinery, sporting goods and outdoor supplies manufacturer to provide standard r&d services in a timely manner.

3. The inspection and quarantine bureau in guangdong province, shenzhen bureau of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine bureau of fujian, guangdong bureau of quality supervision, inspection and other major national institutions to establish a very perfect cooperation mechanisms, able to quickly discount authority unit quality service for the customer.

4. The check can provide the most comprehensive range of quality inspection report service (authority collaborating laboratory report).